Siba Coffee

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An Idea Bloomed
An Idea Bloomed
Nurtured And Cherished
Nurtured And Cherished
Processed and Refined
Processed & Refined
Cup Of Royality
To Bring You A Cup Of Royality.
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SIBA a story of 3 women that went through many challenges to bring the pure, delicious, smooth taste of coffee out of their homes to everyone’s cup. This cup is to remind, the small holding farmers, the pickers, the processors and YOU how special you are. With this coffee we will be supporting all those that are going through challenges in this sector. We promise to always bring you the best coffee in your cup and make you feel like you are Royalty.

Who better to have a cup of royalty but you, because you deserve it!

Arabica Roasted Ethiopian Coffee From Guji

Arabica Roasted Ethiopian Coffee From Yirgacheffe

Arabica Roasted Ethiopian Coffee From Kochere

what does our customers say about us

Love their light roasted beans. It’s very decent and the price point is fair.

Hanneily Cheng

I love Ethiopian yirgacheffe beans and bought from them twice. The quality was good and fresh. I will continue buying if I need them.

Yingying L

I was surprised with Great coffee. Try Yirgcahefe Medium Roast beans. Excellent team and customer service.

Mohammed Ali

Delicious coffee! I tasted this at the markets and got a bag to brew at home. The owners were super knowledgeable and took the time to explain their different coffees. Really looking forward to my morning cuppa!

Juliet Anderson

Loving the flavor notes, the aroma, the price, and the quality of 100% Arabica Coffee from Ethiopia!!! We were not even Coffee drinkers only occasionally drinking instant coffee from Trader Joe’s but SIBA Coffee is truly unmatched pound for pound gotta us hooked. Now that’s all we drink daily with half and half. Thank you, Siba for making us, Coffee lovers very happy.

Farid A

Delicious coffee, for real coffee lovers. Loved the quick response and delivery, and the coffee itself was just incredibly indulgent and tasty. I love how the citrus flavor actually stands out in a subtle yet delightful way for an added twist, while the other options are simply a perfect morning cuppa joe!

Rana S